By: William Sales

Here at the National Basketball Report we decided to get a variety of our writers to come together and put together a list of the top 10 players in the WSBA before any big trades are made.

10.C Bootsy Midgley, Utah Blues

Hailing from Youngstown State, Bootsy is a 24 year old Center for the Utah Blues under contract until the 2024-25 season. Bootsy is one of the premier scorers in the league at Center and will grab as many rebounds as he can muster this upcoming season, but on the defensive side, he fails to live up to the same reputation. One of the better scorers in our league, Bootsy will leave a small impact on the defensive side of the court, but will be counted on to make the Blues a title contender.

9.C Georgi Dimitrova, Toronto Dinos

From Bulgaria, Georgi is one of the premier big men in the WSBA and only 26 years of age. He will be scaring Eastern conference rivals for years with his size and ability to grab rebound on the offensive side. While a prolific scorer, Georgi is also one of the better defenders in the WSBA and projects to make a impact on both sides of the floor for the Dinos who hope his contributions can lead them to a title up in the North.

8.PF Sean Foreman, Milwaukee Moose

30 year old veteran, Sean Foreman has been around the court long enough to showcase tremendous scoring and defensive skills. Great at all facets of the game on the offensive and defensive end, Foreman projects to have a MVP type season in Milwaukee and be the main reason they challenge for a playoff spot and for the fans of Milwaukee, even a title.

7.PF Shon Roberts, Oklahoma City Twisters

Whether you think Foreman, Roberts or Hooper is better, there is no mistaking the fact that all three are premier big men in this league. Roberts hopes to form the backbone of a OKC Duo that has title hopes out West and his ability to dominate inside both offensively and defensively will be a huge help to those ends. Within only two years left on his contract in Oklahoma City, Shon may also look at his options if things don’t go to plan, but expect Shon and his partner in crime on a few of your news articles in the future.

6.PF Clarence Hooper, Washington Americans

The third and final power forward on our list is Clarence Hooper of the Washington Americans and he is one of the most complete players in the WSBA. A lock down defender who also scores at a great clip, Hooper is a integral part to the success of the Americans this season and partner him with a Point who can facilitates, Washington could be celebrating a first season chip. Hooper, Roberts and Foreman are all great in their own right, which is why they are so close together.

5.SF Justin Brown, Chicago Bison

At 36 years old, Brown is the oldest player in our top ten list, but age is experience and like fine wine, Justin hopes to find himself even better as the Bison prepare for a shot at the WSBA Chip. Brown’s best skill is of course scoring the bucket and he does so at a impressive rate, but a underrated part of the veteran’s craft is his ability pass the ball around to fellow teammates and defend his man. While age is creeping up on the 36 year old, Brown still hopes to be around at a top level to bring a championship to the fans of Chicago.

4.SF Brent Deleta, Indiana Racers

Indiana’s Brent Deleta will tally up the points with his ability to get to the line and knockdown threes, but will use his active hands on defense to disrupt passing lanes and pressure the ball handler to hold the ball for just a bit too long. The Racers will have a few teams out East to contend with if they wish to make the play for a title, but Brent should be their biggest positive at doing exactly that.

3.SG Ben Greer, Chicago Bison

Ben Greer is the best pure scorer in the WSBA, able to will himself to a bucket whether it be driving or shooting in the corner for a wide open three. Greer has lighting speed and hopes to help Chicago win that championship when the WSBA winds down. If Greer and Brown can come together and bring it to the opposing teams night after night, we will see a championship parade in Chicago when this all ends.

2.PG James Warren, Philadelphia Freedom

Freedom’s playoff chances rest on the play of veteran floor general, James Warren whose ability to see the floor and thread the needled to teammates will be a key to getting this season running. Warren has been the on floor general for the Freedom, able to weave passes and disrupt the opposing team’s passing with the quick hands, Don’t sleep on his scoring or else you could find yourself turning the ball over very quickly.

1.PG Shota Sumbatashvili, Oklahoma City Twisters

At 20 years old, Shota Sumbatashvili out of Estonia is one of Europe’s best players, winning the Euro League MVP at just 18! Shota is so young and can be molded in any direction for the Oklahoma City Twisters who are praising the fact they got him at the 3rd pick. Shota can pass with the best of them and score from anywhere on the floor as well as out rebound the best big men. Even at 20, Shota projects to be the best player in the WSBA by far and if all goes well, Shota and Oklahoma City will be holding another championship and MVP similar to the ones he held while in the finals of the European League.