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Postby NBryant » Fri Sep 23, 2022 1:31 pm

I will be in the minority here but even realizing that feel the need to express an opinion that I have no doubt others that follow the CF and PF franchises feel. DDSPF incorporating a "Path to the MVP" is a waste of resources and time and a seems as if it wwould be a disappointment. Sure, some will find it to be interesting, for awhile, but the heart of this game has been in its journey as a GM/Head Coach. The challenge of using your resources to compile an organization that can challenge to be a playoff team or ultimately win a title. To be able to develop your franchise not just for one season but for multiple seasons.

The PF franchise needs to evolve to what its market is and that is primarily a multi-player coaching style system in a league setting with the ability to have a strong single player experience. Examples would be:

- to develop changes to aid league commisioners in the creation and execution of their leagues by adding tools that can be used to simplify their processes and allow them to better focus on developing thier league. There just seems to be a lot of work involved and a streamlined process would help move that forward. The intent would be to promote more league play which would thereby translate into games sales as more players become involved.
- to enhance a representative financial system that will actually challenge a player other then the system in place now that for the most part is flatlined.
- instead of trying to develop a "player" pathway (a low level version of Madden) do soemthing unique with both your franchises, CF and PF. Develop a path/journey one can take through the coaching ranks. A possible move from the college ranks fron OC or DC to HC then recieve offers to take control of a PF team for a CF > PF universe. As a stand alone PF experience have a character creation system to create a potential OC or DC, or even HC, and see if a team offers you a job. From there develop your character until you are considered for a HC postion. Or even getting fired as an HC and then maybe offered an OC or DC position. Just seems a path like this would be more attractive to a large part of the community and would seriously be unique.

Look, I know this won't be well received by most. I know that there will be some that want to rip into it. That's fine. I just come from the outside as one that has long had a dream of having a game system that carries with it a true representation of both college and professional football as is expereinced in the American college and professional system. One that not only challenges a roster development but includes those secondary functions that bring it all together. Location, market, facilities, roster, system, etc. all coming together to not only create an enhanced player experience but one that also requires all of the primary and secondary requirements to come together to create a winning team and potential dynasty. Something that is much more cerebral and challenging.

At the end of the day I will continue to wish the Wolverine team the best and continued success and will more then likely make a purchase and enjoy the current experience while I dream.
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Re: PF23: MVP

Postby Gabe778 » Wed Sep 28, 2022 3:20 am

Absolutely agree, why not expand the coaching features instead of starting a new mode. The basketball games are great in that aspect, start as a coord/asst and work your way up, as well as there being no real defensive attributes outside of tackling. Why isn't there a coverage (man or zone) rating yet? Or a block shed rating for LB/DL? Something to make defensive players more unique
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Re: PF23: MVP

Postby AKH » Thu Sep 29, 2022 1:15 pm

You are both entitled to your opinions. But we have this discussion every release.
So again, You like some things. Other users like other things.
Also: the users who only ever play singleplayer outnumber the MP users by a factor of 10-20 (at least, I dont have the actual numbers).
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Re: PF23: MVP

Postby Gary Gorski » Thu Oct 27, 2022 2:34 pm

I want to take a minute and jump in here with a couple of things. First, on the topic of Road To MVP - if you are not familiar with it or the concept we just put up a video series on our YT channel where Asger walks through playing in the mode. I highly encourage everyone to check it out at

Secondly, we never chastise our community members for having opinions at least not ones that are well thought out and respectful as this thread is. I will backup AKH here in saying that the solo play market far outweighs those interested in multiplayer play. We have some great MP leagues out there for football but the primary customer of the game is a single player customer. He or she wants to sit down and crank out seasons when they have the time. That does not mean our league commissioners don't have any status here - in fact Brooks takes quite a bit of feedback from them and makes changes to the game in some cases specifically for things they are seeing in their leagues.

One thing I recommend doing is maybe coming up with specific suggestions for Brooks and Asger to implement. The OP mentions a change to the financial system but what change should that be? If you have a specific plan or something you would like to see done feel free to send those details to us. I have read comments in the past by others that say it just needs to be better but what does that mean? One thing in regards to financials though (and I run into this with pro basketball) is that we try to balance a system that is both fun and challenging to the player while maintaining things pretty close to real life. If I implemented the exact NBA CBA in DDSPB people would be way overwhelmed. Teams have full time employees just to deal with the cap - we don't want our games to feel like a job for you. At the same time that doesn't mean we can't improve or change some things so specific feedback is always welcomed. We might implement it, we might not. We might take bits and pieces but we are always willing to listen.

One thing that is a driver of decisions for us is how can we expand the user base of the game. If there were 50k people out there that said they would buy our game if it only had X (and we could do X) then we would make it our top priority. We know when we add something new, especially something that might be outside the box, that not everyone will like it but we always try to add things that at least don't detract from the things people do like. Road To MVP can be totally ignored if that is not your thing - but it might be EXACTLY what someone else is looking for who otherwise wouldn't care about our games at all. It just becomes a secondary way to play a game and both methods will now get worked on and improved upon over time. It is not like we are stopping work on the team side of things to only focus on a player centric view of the game - its just essentially building a second game into the game.

So at the end of the day NBryant I don't see anything to "rip into" in your post and I appreciate that you are continuing to support us and will likely purchase the game even though this feature isn't for you. I am sure you can find a number of forum members who have had something they wanted in particular and have suggested it multiple times and supported multiple versions of our games before finally seeing what they were hoping for come into the game. I encourage you if something is really important to work up a specific roadmap for an idea - detail it, show us how it can impact the game in a positive manner and keep the conversation going with us.
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Re: PF23: MVP

Postby jlemmen43 » Mon Jan 16, 2023 7:32 pm

I'm glad that due to the minority of people who use Multiplayer leagues that, the feature wasn't scrapped because it was seen as a waste of resources. In fact, I'm very glad Sandbox/Universe mode came about out of that, as I don't play single player for any game and never plan to. Everyone plays for different reasons and I think Gary has been pretty open minded with incorporating much of this. Even if he has a reason not to implement it, if you and others keep making a quality case, he usually finds a way down the line. I have less experience dealing with Brooks but I afford the same assumption to him.
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