Some assorted questions

Some assorted questions

Postby Handicapper General » Fri May 12, 2023 3:33 pm

Hi folks,

I realize this game is older, but hoping people can still help. Our online league commish is partial to this version, so I'm trying to help him out. We have a few questions:

1. Our FAs don't seem to sign until after the draft largely - is there something that can be done to get them to sign pre draft?
2. Our players don't seem to progress or regress much. What they start with is what they pretty much continue to be. Is there a way to enable some sort of development and age related decline?
3. In that same vein, we have super star player call it quits way early - like at 30. Is there a setting to prolong careers?
4. And in terms of the draft, is there a Fog of War type option where GMs don't really know what they're getting leading to more busts and steals?

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