Current Requested Items

Current Requested Items

Postby Brooks_Piggott » Thu Sep 14, 2017 9:11 am

Add wishbone (or other formations)
Add option plays - These can be added by modding the plays.xml
Ability to create/edit coaches
Coach statistics
Ability to fire coaches midseason
Ability to disable scouting in online leagues - Workaround: commisioner has access to the real numbers and can distrubute them. Most MP leagues already do this.
Field size when watching games replay - Done
PBP text display one behind? - Done
Indication of player potential - Potential being hidden is a design decision - This is not something we are going to change
Coach are not good enough - this is merely appearance, because 1 star does not look like much, but it is quite fine. Additionally coaches progress in their ratings.
Combine results - great idea, but will have to be future version, possible tie-in with DDSCF
Clock timer in draft not forcing pick - cosmetic design decision, reserved for use in future
Player circle position in 2D view
Search > View Draft does not update after importing players- Done
Imported Draftees are not assigned random traits
Too much regression on training if schedule set at 4
Depth chart AI- Done
Player preselected when clicking compare players
Ability to sort columns in draftgrids- Done
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