For Modders - I learned some stuff!

For Modders - I learned some stuff!

Postby drophammer » Fri Aug 05, 2022 6:42 pm

If you keep your team structure the same as it is in the basic Teams.xml, you can pretty much change up as much as you want otherwise and still use the NCAAFBS type. I had all new conferences with new logos, I even changed the bowls and added some new ones.

All great stuff.

However, you can ALSO add new teams into the Independents, increasing the overall number of teams. I added 5 new teams into my Teams file (along with the requisite logos in the logos folder). In the first year, I did see some schedule irregularity among the independents. Some teams did not get 12 games. However, nothing broke, and I was able to move teams via realignment into other conferences.

I am currently simming 30 seasons to see if anything breaks, but I am quite a ways in, and nothing has broken yet.

Thanks to Slybelle and Brooks for help in getting things up and running!
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