Looking For A Little Assistance - Mod Files

Looking For A Little Assistance - Mod Files

Postby drophammer » Thu Oct 14, 2021 2:34 pm

I have a 64 team mod that I am working on.
I have a Teams file.
I have a Bowls file.
I have a schedule csv.

When I try to start up a new career, I always get errors. Also, I am getting strange behavior where the application does not show the files I have already selected. For example, if I do a CUSTOM type, and I choose a Teams file, it often does not display in the window after I have chosen it. I have to click on the button to start the process of choosing one again, then cancel, and then it shows up. And it HAS to show up, or I get the error that I have not chosen one.

In any event, in troubleshooting, I have removed DC as a state (in case that was an issue), removed a blank line at the end of the schedule file, but other than that, I have no indication of what the problem could be. Can anyone take a look at the files I have and lend a hand?

Some possible issues - my teams do not have an endzone image. I am using custom fields. I have all bowl participants set to 0, 1 to take the best teams in order.

I suppose I could have typos in there somewhere, but there is no indication of what the problem is.
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