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Postby PointGuard » Sun Mar 31, 2024 9:10 pm

Geez, two close losses in Orange County to the Titans and Anteaters. Maybe you should have taken the team to Disneyland before those games to get some "magic".
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Re: Alasketball

Postby Jake8005 » Wed Apr 03, 2024 7:04 am

Down south to play Cal Poly

We lead at halftime 32-31 as Louis has 14.

But the second half is difficult, complicated by Smiley fouling out and we lose 77-60, with Louis having 22.

Five straight losses..

And next we play Cal State Northride... who also have a 7'1 center. Oh boy. We do NOT EVER want to have Louis off the floor while he's on it.

Good news is Edwards is back!

The half starts evenly, but a 10-3 run gives us a 40-31 lead at halftime!

But CSUN goes on a 21-10 run to take a 52-50 lead out of the break. It's tied 62-62 with 7:33 left, and then 67-67 with 3:49 to go, and their 7'1 center fouls out.

In the end, UAA snaps the losing streak with a 79-69 win. Louis led with 21, but Kent chipped in with 18, Smiley had 14 and 10, and Strong had 10-5-5. On the boards, Blake had seven rebounds and Fleming somehow had eight.

For a small team, we really dominated on the boards with a 44-23 rebound ratio.

Next up is Long Beach State, who luckily have a 6'7 PF and 6'8 C, but they are a good team at 11-6.

Interestingly, they do not have a healthy center on the roster, with their only center having a broken foot.

And the Seawolves jump out to a 12-6 lead!

It's a 53-37 halftime lead, as Louis has 14 and Strong has 10.

Just five minutes in and it's now a 62-40 lead!

And it's an 81-62 win for the Seawolves, and extended minutes for Stokes and Edwards off the bench! It was a double-double for Matt Louis, who had 24 and 10. He may win Big West player of the year.

Just no luck with recruits except Ryan. Him and Jackson are the only guys I'm going after. Ryan does answer one question though.

Next up is game two against UC Riverside, who are 3-5 in conference, but 10-7 and 65th in NET.

First half ends 37-25.

Second half stays 10-12 points apart and we end 72-62. Louis has led us in scoring in the last seven games.

That's 4-6 in the Big West, which I guess is better than 2-5.

Herb Smiley at just 6'7 leads the Big West in blocks per game at 1.8.
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Re: Alasketball

Postby Jake8005 » Sat Apr 06, 2024 12:09 pm

Next up is UC Riverside.

It's 37-25 at halftime, and the second half doesn't change much, falling 72-62 to superior opposition. Louis, Smiley and Blake had 18, 15 and 14.

The road trip continues with a trip to Cal State Fullerton.

Close half, CSF leads 37-35 at halftime.

60-60 with six and a half minutes left to go, and three minutes later the score is 64-64.

And the Seawolves pull it out. It's a 73-68 win as Louis and Blake have 18 and 16 points each.

That's now three wins out of four as UAA is back on track.

Jackson talks to us... but then doesn't answer the question :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:

We finally got Ryan to answer all his questions... not sure if that means the assistant will now get all his parents answers?

Back home to play UC Irvine who beat us in OT in CA.

We're up at halftime by 39-34.

But it totally slips away in the second half and we lose 73-65. We lost the second half 39-26........

No Norton candidates still. Shocker.

It's back home to play UC Santa Barbara.

We jump out to a 19-11 lead 13 and a half minutes in, and the halftime lead is 27-23.

It's close for most of the second half, but the Gauchos cut it to 49-48 with over two minutes left.

This score remains an UCSB goes to the line with 0:47 left... and misses both free throws!

Louis sinks both of his, putting us up 51-48, and Edwards goes in for defense.

UAA wins 55-53, making it four wins out of six.

Louis (16) leads us in scoring for the tenth straight game. It's 2/3 and the last time somebody else led was when Rowell had 17 against Cal State Bakersfield on 1/2.

Wade Jackson talks to us!!! He tells us playing close to home is very important to him, as well as playing time, and to a lesser extent coach discipline. Wow, this is a big breakthrough as previously he answered 0, let alone three things.

I really could use another recruit even with Ryan, so this is massive for us. He's not interested.. yet, but we have things to pitch to him now.
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Re: Alasketball

Postby Jake8005 » Sat Apr 06, 2024 9:30 pm

It's down to Southern California to face the red-hot Cal State Long Beach.

Edwards is now our seventh man over Kent, better shooter (slightly though neither are great), playmaker and is our best defender by far.

We win the first half 32-26, carrying this through to the second half behind Louis scoring 16.

Next up is the Cal State University Northridge Matadors.

It starts close, gets to 33-18, but is 41-33 at the half. However, we can't close and waste 29 points and 9 rebounds from Louis in an 86-75 loss.

Back to home, to face UC Riverside.

It was close throughout the first half, but we relinquished our lead and were behind 33-29 at halftime.

It's close throughout the second, but the Highlanders win 71-64, as Louis has 20 points, his 13th straight game leading the Seawolves in scoring.

Cal Poly is up next at home.

A tight first half, at the end of which we come back to lead 31-26.

We extend this lead in the second half, going up 41-30 three minutes in.

It holds, as UAA wins 76-62. And what else is new, Louis leads with 23 points.
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Re: Alasketball

Postby Jake8005 » Mon Apr 08, 2024 8:03 pm

We go back on the road to face UC Davis, who luckily have a 6'6 SF, 6'6 PF and 6'7 C

We get out to a 24-19 lead, which is a 46-44 lead at halftime. Lots of scoring.

However UC Davis takes a second half lead, being up 62-59 with 10 minutes left.

We lose 81-70. Smiley had 21.... (he's gonna be big for us next year) but Louis still led with 23.

March brings better weather.... especially when you're travelling to Hawaii! The Rainbow Warriors are top of the Big West so this one will be tough.

Despite falling down 7-2 early, we claw our way back into it, taking a 17-16 lead with 9:34 left. And at halftime, that lead is 32-16! Louis has 17 points in 15 minutes.

However, Hawaii scores 10 unanswered points to start the half.

We get within one at 48-47 with six minutes left, and Otis Strong hits a three-pointer with 3:22 left to tie it at 52-52.

After we get a stop down 62-59, we call a three pointer for Edwards. Strong takes it, misses, they get the ball.. and EDWARDS STEALS IT AND HITS A THREE TO TIE IT WITH FIVE SECONDS LEFT!!


We score the first four.... they score the next five.

We take a 70-69 with 1:45 left... and it lasts! Alaska-Anchorage has knocked off the top dog in the Big West! It's a 73-69 game, and who else but Matt Louis has 30 points.

Last game of the regular season is back in CA against the Cal State Bakersfield Roadrunners.

And they get out to an 18-5 lead..

And then it's 26-9..

44-23 halftime score... and Louis has only 2 points.

It ends 85-54.. our walk-on center Lincoln Huge scores 4 points on 2-2. Louis has his streaked snapped by a putrid 1-7, 2 points game, Smiley leads with.... 8.

We finish the regular season at 13-16 and 9-11 in the Big West. Not the season I was hoping for with this senior class.

In the Big West Tournament we're an 8 seed and will face 9 seed Cal State Bakersfield, who have a 6'7 center.. but have beat us twice.

No players declare for the draft and Jonathan King goes to Arizona. No shocker there, all my efforts will be focused on Jackson now.
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Re: Alasketball

Postby Jake8005 » Mon Apr 08, 2024 10:02 pm

The Big West Tournament

We get out to an early lead, and 8.5 minutes in we're up 25-14.

At halftime, it's 43-33... with Edwards having 14 points on 4-5 off the bench.

However CSB makes a 9-2 run to start the second half.

But, UAA manages to get back up 67-54 midway through the second half.

In the end the Seawolves win 86-67, with even the walk-on's getting some postseason action at the end!

Two straight games now somebody besides Louis has led in scoring, as Edwards had 21 off the bench! Louis did have 17 on 8-10.

Next up is 1 seed Long Beach State in the quarterfinals... who we did beat twice..

And they start out being up 11-2... and at halftime it's 48-32, with Edwards having 10 points off the bench.

But just five minutes in... it's 57-47, and a few minutes later it's 57-54. However, Smiley is in foul trouble.

With eight minutes to go, it's 65-64.

Long Beach State pulls away, but we make it 75-72 with three minutes to go.

And with 50 seconds to go, the score is 80-77.

But we fall 85-79. Louis had 21 and Edwards had 14.

We graduate Louis, Strong, Rowell, Fleming and Blake. Our only returning starter is Smiley, though Edwards does have a lot of promise.

We have a lot of work to do.
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End of season

Postby Jake8005 » Tue Apr 09, 2024 8:13 pm

Jackson talks to us the rest, tells us he values academics a lot, conference prestige and facilities kinda, and school prestige less so. We now have all his questions asked.

Anyan tells us playing close to home is important to him,

April 3

Inyo Ryan has committed to the University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves!!

The 6'2 PG from Palmer, AK averaged 17.9 PPG for Palmer High School, in addition to 3.7 assists per game. He's graded by us as a C overall, with B- defense, B- athleticism, F inside shooting, A- outside shooting, C free throws, B+ scoring, C passing, B ball handling, F rebounding, F shot blocking, and D stealing.

Doesn't look great, but gives us enough players for next season. May play him at SG a bit, not sure how great of a floor general he will be.

For the second season in a row, Matt Louis has been named first team All-Big West, but we have no other selections, not even Smiley.

Mike Dunlap has announced his retirement. The former Charlotte Bobcats and Loyola Marymount head coach and NBA Champion assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks is retiring. This will allow me to heed the advice I wanted to take -- hire the best recruiting assistant I can find. Recruiting has been my biggest trouble, but I'll have a lot of money to spend since I only recruit in Alaska, so I may get somebody really, really good.

In addition, my contract has been extended!

UAA Athletics Director Ryan Swartwood sent this to head coach Boozer.

"Coach - the board and I have reviewed your performance to date as coach here and we've decided to offer you an extension and feel you should extend your assistants as well. Congratulations and keep up the good work.

Athletic Director
Alaska Anchorage"

However.. he also sends a note for "Season Review" that says

"Now that we've reached the end of the season let's review how you did on your goals.

Finish in Top 3 of Conference: Failed - Try to get 'em next year, coach"
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Re: Alasketball

Postby Jake8005 » Wed Apr 10, 2024 6:16 pm

The best recruiting coach we could get was Jerry Hawking, who has 51 recruiting rating, a big upgrade.

Into the new season

Vermont joins the Big East

None of our players transferred!! Huge as we are low on players.

There is an Alaska player in the transfer portal, Corey Mason, from Eielson AFB and playing in conference at Cal State Northridge, and he's a center!! We'll pursue him hard.

We get into Mason's top 5, along with Tennessee State and Nicholls State.


Huge for us, as we now have 8 scholarship to play this season.

I should have approached recruiting differently, and will now with changing the settings and hiring Hawking.

And our lineup for this year

*Starting lineup*

Luke Vaughn FR. Houston, AK. PG 6'5 199 lbs. 2/5
Eric Edwards FR. Juneau, AK. PG 6'3 210 lbs. 1.5/1.5
Travis Stokes R-SO. Fairbanks, AK. SF 6'6 202 lbs. 1.5/4
Herb Smiley JR. Nikiski, AK. PF 6'7 198 lbs. 3.5/3.5
Corey Mason SO. Eielson AFB, AK. 6'9 263 lbs. 1/3


Main subs:

Inyo Ryan FR. Palmer, AK. PG 6'2 186 lbs. 0.5/4
Clint Kent SO. Eagle River, AK. SF 6'8 202 lbs. 1/1
Jason Barnes FR. Eielson AFB, AK. 6'10 267 lbs. 1/3

Walk on

Jacob Cox JR. Kenai Central, AK. SF 6'4 234 lbs. 0.5/0.5 (walk-on)
Tony Jaacks SR. Anchorage, AK. PF 6'8 208 lbs. 0.5/0.5 (walk-on)
Erick Frederick JR. Seward, AK. PF 6-7 238 lbs. 0.5/0.5 (walk-on)
Lincoln Huge SP. Anchorage, AK. C 6-10 253 lbs. 0.5/0.5 (walk-on)
Eugene Tucker SO. Wasilla, AK. PG 6-2 187 lbs. 0.5/0.5 (walk-on)
Tahric Bickerstaf SO. Anchorage, AK. SG 6'0 194 lbs. 0.5/0.5 (walk-on)
Eric Burns JR. Eielson AFB, AK. SG 6'4 215 lbs. 0.5/0.5 (walk-on)

260-student Eielson HS had a 6'9 and 6'10 frontcourt, sheesh. I feel for their opponents. I also like the size that Vaughn has.

There's four recruits in Alaska this year. With five scholarships to give out. You've got to be kidding me.

Here they are:

#613 SF 2 star Deon Williams, 6'8 235 lbs, Anchorage
#877 PG 1 star Jason Alford, 6'1 166 lbs, Juneau (JUCO)
#1010 C 1 star Jason Hunter, 6'9 242 lbs, Anchorage
#1210 SF 1 star Shannon Fuhs, 6'8 236 lbs, Palmer (JUCO)

Fuhs is interested in us. I like that there are JUCO players as we need players who are ready to contribute now kinda badly. And they have size which we also really need badly.


Changing the settings really helped. For one, the recruits will actually talk to us. We got all except Williams to show interest and asked all their questions. Fuhs even has a parent that went to UAA, and his official visit went well. Hopefully we can land 2-3 of them!
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Postby Jake8005 » Wed Apr 10, 2024 7:28 pm

Great news!

Williams and Fuhs have committed to us.

Williams is now the #422 recruit in the country and Fuhs is at #998.

Williams is graded as a B-, with C+ defense, F athleticism, A- inside shooting, C outside shooting, C- free throws, B+ scoring, C- passing, C ball handling, D- rebounding, D shot blocking and D stealing.

Williams is graded as a B-, with C+ defense, B- athleticism, A- inside shooting, C+ outside shooting, C- free throws, B+ scoring, F passing, C+ ball handling, D+ rebounding, F shot blocking and C- stealing.

This give us 9 players for next season, 10 if we can somehow get Alford. We only graduate Smiley this year.

Walk-on center Lincoln Huge causes a few issues in practice, so I suspend him for a week.


11/15 @ Bethune-Cookman
11/18 Omaha
11/22 Morehead State
11/25 @ TCU
11/29 San Diego
12/2 @ Cal
12/6 Southern Illinois
12/13 @ Pepperdine
12/20 Monmouth
12/26 @ Long Beach State
12/28 UC-Irvine
1/2 @ UC-Santa Barbara
1/4 Cal State Bakersfield
1/11 Hawaii
1/13 @ Cal State Fullerton
1/20 Cal Poly
1/23 Cal State Northridge
1/27 @ UC-Davis
1/30 @ UC-Riverside
2/1 @ Cal State Bakersfield
2/3 Cal State Fullerton
2/8 @ Hawaii
2/13 @ UC-Irvine
2/15 UC-Davis
2/17 UC-Riverside
2/22 @ Cal Poly
2/24 @ Cal State Northridge
3/1 Long Beach State
3/3 UC Santa Barbara

Not too hard, but a few tests before conference play. We repeats with TCU who we played last year.
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