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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby arodtwlv » Thu Oct 14, 2021 1:57 pm

- For playbooks, and specifically plays, make it so they can be flipped at playcall time. This should allow for not needing to duplicate plays (custom or standard) where i have to make a run to right and left. Also this should allow for smaller playbooks which will result in less scrolling, clutter, and storage space taken (minor probably).
- As someone mentioned, seconded more variety in styles of coaches playcall/playbook wise. More styles would be nice if added, but at least should take advantage of the ones already available more. Think there are some deviations, but think a Spread coach should probably not have wishbone or i-formations at all in his playbook nor a 3-4 coach have many if any 4-3. Those who know FB playbook designs better may chime in with better thoughts.
- Add a logical option to designate play as option play (and maybe second for RPO since is technically diff concept). Creating custom plays still not clear on how to replicate option runs (think sweep toss options), option run reads (more prominent nowadays), or RPO's (this one don't think can do at all currently).

- For sorting on rosters screen, make it so sort stays the same after exiting player card. Ex: during redshirt time would sort by ovr, click on player to redshirt, then when click out the sort would be reset to something else, thusly having to resort again. Sort does work if you stay inside player card, but also sometimes messes up too.

Moar Stats
- Re-add under team info table what the recruiting rankings and prestige rankings were for each year. Used to have it either in the '21 Beta or '19/'20 can't remember, but was nice seeing how a team (yours or another) has progressed recruiting and prestige wise in a tabular format.

- The concept of trying to replicate the resource difference between big schools and smaller schools when it come to recruiting, and specifically information on recruits (ratings). Think the CBB has cool approach with paying for "research service" subscription that costs different tiers. Small schools can get basic rating info on lower ranked (or regional since they can't afford to recruit as far) while larger ones obv know more is one idea. Everyone has basic info for free/cheap (think 247), but higher quality services or internal programs should differ based on university resource size (correlated to what not sure. could be prestige, location, not sure yet). Quickly jotting notes down so this isn't fledged out on my end yet, but maybe others can jump off this.
- Think OL are coming in way too large (barely see any under 6-6 it seems including centers). Same with WRs, don't think many are under 6'. Other positions can't remember, but may be similar.

Depth Chart
- Depth Chart (especially on Def) only fits structurally under one formation which can make harder to plan for secondary formations. I know there's a picture that shows who would line up where in other formations, but I'm talking about more easily changing for specific packages. Ex: teams running 3-4, but sometimes will have either 1 NT, 2 DEs, and 4 LBs on field in their "3-4" or they'll have 1 NT, 2 DTs, 2 DE, and 2 LBs, or finally 1 NT, 2 DTs, and 4 LBS...all in a 3-4 type formation. I can create a faux version of the "1 NT, 2 DTs, and 2 DE, and 2 LBs" version by running 5-2 play, but it's not ideal nor allows the other combos to work efficiently. Also can't run jumbo/lighter variants where a DE is switched for a quicker LB or other way around on the depth chart screen w/o changing player position. Same goes for hard to replicate schemes that have some teams switching a LB for a SS/hybrid player (star, viper, moneyback, etc many teams have diff names for this LB/S hybrid). One simpler / bandaid solution is since you can have 5 "packages", allow more freedom of position selection in them since as mentioned, don't think Safeties can switch with LB, LB for a DL and etc. Other is have diff depth charts depending on formation, but can see that using up resources (cpu/storage) more quickly since there are more formations than "packages".
- Allow Safties to switch position to CB and vice versa (can do in depth chart, but when on playercard switching position it's limited to only FS/SS switches i think). NOTE: Forgot there is a setting that allows more freedom for player position switching

Stat Tweaks
- Fumbles still seem too high
- Sacks (leaders) seem bit low
- Passing Completion % for worst starters seem too low (maybe tweaking Avg Y/A lower along with slight bump on low end of compl % may help...don't have real world comparison atm to remember what spread was)
- Top QBs seem to rush for too many yards compared to historical (too many say 1k rushers compared to norm)

Other Agreements with Posted
- Scheduling H/A being more realistic
- Spreads (betting) seem v tight compared to irl despite huge talent differences
- Independents being fixed for conference changing
- Love the auto redshirt rule if play <=4 games. Would also like med redshirts too (like auto if player gets injured and only plays 1 or 2 games idk).
- Prestige changes can be customized so can't comment much on that since haven't played much outside of default settings
- For immersion sense like the CBB version, if players aren't contacted during bowl szn, add note saying quite period or whatever.

Had much fun so far with '21 and hope for continued success. Looks like the Pro one took some great steps forward too. Cheers.
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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby JDB » Fri Oct 15, 2021 4:53 pm

Also please fix the extremely high number of safeties that occur in this game.
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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby hey_123 » Sat Oct 16, 2021 4:52 pm

Also, it would be nice to have diagrams for the blitz plays.
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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby Rizzo » Wed Oct 20, 2021 7:35 am

Would love to see the Analysis tab be utilized for offensive players other than the QB. Right now it's only populating stats for QBs and all defensive players. For receivers and tight ends, it would be great to see targets, receptions, drops, TDs and yards for each of the 9 zones we see in the QB tab. For RBs, maybe attempts, yards, TDs, TFLs and fumbles by each running lane/gap. Not sure what could be shown for the OL to make that tab effective.
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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby Brooks_Piggott » Wed Oct 20, 2021 8:39 pm

Going to add this here so I don't lose it...

Main bug: The stat window near the bottom of the page overlaps buttons I need to get to. Like the CALL TIMEOUT button. I have tried with the FULL SCREEN button in both positions (it does not seem to do anything).

Other bugs I have noticed:
When a penalty is called, you see the penalty window before you see the animation of the play. That was a bit confusing.

I saved my league, then started a game. I figured something out and wanted to restart the game, so I loaded the league again, had to re-sim the week, then started playing the game. Right when I went into the game screen, there was play information in there and score and timing, as if the game was already going. I thought I had messed up, so I dropped out again and reloaded the league, same problem.

One last thing, the on screen score boxes for the quarters do not update when an XP is good, they update when you click to start the next play. This was confusing. It made me wonder if the game was registering the xp.
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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby BradS » Fri Oct 29, 2021 6:24 pm

Could be nice addition to the boxscore. Below scoring summary and team stats, a drive chart or summary.

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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby medical3072 » Fri Nov 05, 2021 8:12 pm

- Linear progression of position skill (+15 per training camp, +5 per 100 snaps, etc.) to make experience more valuable

- Recruit "athletes" (guys who have variable size, attributes, positional skills, etc. that need to be scouted to determine where they fit best)

- Remove mandatory redshirt after transfer

EDIT: Also I'd like to see pressures, QB hurries, hits, etc. for DL, as well as pass rush wins/losses for OL. More ways to evaluate line performance would be great
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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby eel1987 » Thu Nov 25, 2021 12:54 pm

I haven't played in a while. When I create my coach for career mode, am I still able to set my coaching stats to whatever I want? Would be nice to have some limitation to that, and progression over a career.
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Re: DDS:CF22 Wish List

Postby spellman1989 » Sun Nov 28, 2021 12:16 pm

eel1987 wrote:I haven't played in a while. When I create my coach for career mode, am I still able to set my coaching stats to whatever I want? Would be nice to have some limitation to that, and progression over a career.

Same thing I said. I mean it's cool I can set it where I want it but I would like to have an actual career where I get better with experience.
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