Microsoft .NET Framework Error/Deleting a conference

Microsoft .NET Framework Error/Deleting a conference

Postby theshadycrow » Mon Oct 04, 2021 5:27 pm


I have been playing around with the database files to see how much modding of the conferences can be done. I removed all the Ivy League teams out of their conference and put them in two others to see if I could consolidate teams into larger conferences. I edited the conference tables' "number of teams" and "schedule" fields accordingly (zeroing out the values for the Ivy League). The dynasty with this modded database loads fine, generates the schedules (conf and non-conf) correctly, and leaves the Ivy League standings blank.

However, around Dec 25th-28th the game hits this Microsoft .NET Framework error that can't be moved past:

************** Exception Text **************
System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at DDSCB2021.dayschedule.CheckForValidRosters(Int32 intGameChosen)
at DDSCB2021.dayschedule.RunSim(WebUI webui)
at DDSCB2021.dayschedule._Closure$__29-0._Lambda$__0()

Did not hit this error when simming with a non-modded database file so wondering if A) this is related to my conference modding (likely) and B) if it's resolvable. Not sure how to even interpret the error...

I have reloaded the same file and simmed through and it always gets stuck around Dec 25th-28th but never at the exact same time and hard to pinpoint if it's a certain team that's throwing the error or not.

Other info: I have the real-world teams mod loaded (the teams/conferences/coaches no stats history version) and have the Steam version of the game.

Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

EDIT: Got help from the support ticket portal - figured I'll post the solution for anyone trying to do a similar thing!

If you want to remove a conference entirely, using SQLiteStudio:
1) Go into the original database files (if using the real-world mod, it's located in app -> disk -> imports)
2) Open the "Conferences" table. Remove the row of the conference you want deleted.
3) Make sure the conference IDs are sequential - ie: if you remove conference #17, move up all the conferences underneath that to remove any gaps in ID numbers.
4) Then, based on how you want to re-distribute the teams in the deleted conference, adjust the NumTeams, ConfType, TourneyType, NumInTourney fields accordingly. Conference size is restrained to a min of 8 and max of 16 with the schedule templates generated. Advanced modding might be able to change that, but unsure.
5) Open the "Teams" table and make sure all the conference IDs match with what you want (and that no teams are assigned to the now-deleted conference ID). Easier to do if you delete a conference farther down the list.

And voila! The deleted conference should not appear in-game and the schedules/simming should go as usual.

I imagine this process could work similarly to add a conference but I have not tried that.
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