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Postby oldjoe » Sun Sep 18, 2022 3:28 pm

Wanted to share this as a game layout idea


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Re: Wishlist - Ideas

Postby Steelers » Mon Sep 19, 2022 5:37 pm

1) Practice Facility - allow practicing/running of custom offensive and defensive plays

1a) Better instruction on how to implement custom plays once you have created them (also, when plays are saved from Strategy|Custom Plays screen, to what folder is plays saved)?

2) RunningQB/Dual Threat - There are 3 things broken: Type, Frquency, and Longevity.
a) Type - there are 2 types of RunningQB. a) Those that are Running Backs masquerading as QBs who execute designed run plays. They can be spotted easily enough as they'll have high speed and agility attributes. b) All other QBs fall
into one of two classes namely: 1st Down Runners who run about 10 yds and butt-slide or step out of bounds - just enough to get the 1st Down and then the second class are those who merely scramble because of a broken play. Somehow, in
the coding process, there needs to be a distinction between these types.

b) Frequency - I'm in a middle of a 10-yr fictional career mode league. I noticed one week that over 3/4 of games had QBs that lead their team in rushing in their game. I elected to do a deep dive into the attributes of these QBs
(including their hidden ratings) and in doing so discovered that the league (including FA QBs) had accumulated over 75 QBs with the RunningQB/DualThreat traits ticked to go along with their 80-98 speed/agility ratings. That bit of logic
might work in the college game, but, not at all in the pro game. Needless to say the rushing stats are skewed terribly. Two RunningQB/DualThreat QBs in a league at one time is plenty. Anything more than that is playing out disastrously.

c) Longevity - Having so many starting QBs running for 1000-1500 yds per season over 10 yrs is ridiculous. A couple of QBs doing that over a very short career is do-able. But, eventually, time, age, luck runs out and - if they're
lucky - they fall back to being just another pocket passer. Thats a far more reasonable and logical outcome.

3) Opponent Scouting Email - include the following:
a) What is the opponents W-L-T record vs winning teams?

4) Contract Extensions - currently impossible to tell which players are 'considering' owners recent offer from week to week (without going thru each player card). After all, I don't want to offer a player a contract extension if he is
still considering previous offer. This is something probably best presented on the Team Contract screen.

5) Strategy Screen|Run/Blitz Pct - ability to save custom percentages one week that can later be selected via drop down box. Eliminates need to key in different percentages each time you want to make changes for next opponent.

6) I thank you for adding the 'Target' option to the Draft Screen. That was on this list but very happy to see you addressed this already.

7) Draft Screen|Drop Down Box - Another option I'd like to see added to the Draft Screen is option to immediately open my Roster Screen. This eliminates the need to exit the Draft, load my Roster, and then have to re-open the Draft
Screen again.

8) Scouting Rookies - I always choose which players I want to interview and scout. But, their are times when after I have finished choosing the players I want I still have scouting points left over. I click the 'Auto-Scout' button to
spend the rest of my points and the game always auto assigns to interview/scout only the highest projected players. I guess that would be fine if I were picking in the Top 10 each round. Why not have the Auto-Scout choose more round 4-6 players when I'm picking between 20th-30th in the draft? If I'm picking 24th in draft I think I'd rather have the Auto-Scout at the very least choose to interview/scout the highest projected player in Rounds 4-7. That would be very
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