draft issues / questions

draft issues / questions

Postby chriskelly » Sat Sep 17, 2022 3:21 pm

Hi: Just purchased the latest version and started with a draft. I can't tell if these things are the game, or just me / my PC:
-First, I don't see any way to track my team salary as I draft, to make sure I don't go over. and, the AI teams don't care. Miami drafted a team that is double the cap.
-Second, I can't figure out how to filter. I can choose a category, like def, and it will rank best to worst, or worst to best. but, I can only see a single screen of like 20 players. and, I don't see a way to filter so I see only PGs, for example.
-I can't scroll down past the 20 or so players on the screen.
-I can see where my staff recommends players, but I can't click them. I have to close the window and go find them in the list.
-lastly, the font is tiny. is there any way to adjust it? I'm in fullscreen mode.
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