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Not sure if this is too late but here goes.

The standings should have a category Neutral to go alongside Home and Away. The preseason tournaments, conference tournaments, and postseason tournaments should fall to this category.

Then a home or road winning streak tracker. Almanac keeps track of each individual team streaks all-time then have a section to show the top ten longest streaks. Emphasize the importance of the streaks when they enter the top ten, pass a streak, or become the longest streak of all time. I would mention it during the screen that shows the teams before the game.

Setting a 2-year or 4-year home and home series or maybe a neutral site series at a major city (Las Vegas, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Dallas). This can only work with high prestige schools. Maybe have a limit of 2-3 per school.

Before a game starts, show the head coaches of each team with their all time record and other achievements (ncaa titles, conference champs, years coaching, other teams coached).

Coaching strategy. I want a certain player to become the all time scoring leader, I want the whole offense to revolve around the player. I want him to take 40 shots every game. Or you are like the Golden State Warriors and want to give the ball to the hot hand (Steph or Klay) during a particular half or near the end of the game. This strategy could backfire too with team chemistry if you have other players that want the ball in their hands and not play alongside a ball hog. Or it becomes a little bit easier to defend since they know where the ball is going. Take Steph Curry at Davidson when one team had 2-3 defenders on him at all times.

G-League Ignite has become a foe for my school Arizona. Maybe they can become a foe here trying to snatch the elite top basketball players.

When a coach is fired at the end of the year, players on the team enter the transfer portal and recruits committed to the program are granted their release from their LOI. So late season recruitment for the recruits become a factor during April. As for the players entering the transfer portal, new coach can try to re recruit them to come back like what Tommy Lloyd had to do with Arizona.

Or if a coach takes a new job, current players and committed recruits follow their coach to new team.
More graphics of player faces and coaches faces. If there is a mod, please direct me to it.
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