End of Game/Half Decision Discussion

End of Game/Half Decision Discussion

Postby brooks_piggott » Wed Sep 13, 2023 11:32 pm

Ok all, I'm going to spend some time on tweaking something specific. We're getting reports of issues with the end of game logic so I want to capture as much of it here as I can so I can fine tune the scenarios for PF24.

What I need from the community are examples of where the logic appears to be incorrect or needs adjusting.

So post em up here and I'll see if I can't dial this thing in better.

This applies to any scenario... run versus pass, FG, Punt, Go for it, etc. Any scenario you want me to look at. Mainly focused on Offense at the moment.

What I need:

Game Situation:
Clock and Quarter, Yard Line, Score, Play called (run/pass/fg/punt/etc.), Preferred Play Called (run/pass/fg/punt/etc.)

Coach Situation (May need to look at edit mode or read the preferences to see tendencies):
Coach Style, Coach Attitude, Coach Focus

Strategy/Game Plan Situation:
Attitude, Focus, Tempo

Some additional notes:

This needs to happen on a regular basis... multiple times a season kind of thing. If it just happens once a season I'm less interested since there will always be really weird 1% dice rolls that can happen, so don't expect the calls to be perfect. Coaches make mistakes in real life, the game makes mistakes as well due to the volatility of it all.

If the situation appears to be in line with your ratings and game plan it may not get prioritized. If your game plan says run, and your coach says run, and your coach is conservative and the game plan is conservative, but you want the AI to start hurry up air-raid at the end, well that may not be a realistic expectation. I'm not saying I won't look at things, but I do want coaches to mean something, and I want game plans to mean something, so just outright overriding all of the decisions at the end of the game probably isn't going to happen.

Also, if you don't provide the information above, I'm just going to delete the post so I can focus on the actionable intel and not just loose descriptions of things. Hope that is fair.

At the end of this discussion I hope for 2 outcomes. First, that I'm able to fix any issues that you help uncover, and secondly that there is more understanding and transparency on what's going on with the code.

Also, the information here will also inform decisions and changes in the CF game, so if you want to mention CF scenarios here I'm okay with it, just be sure to let me know the source.
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Re: End of Game/Half Decision Discussion

Postby vikesrule69 » Thu Sep 14, 2023 6:41 pm

4th quarter own 42 4th and 1 with 59 seconds left and game tied. Would have punted, but went for it with a pass, which was incomplete. I ended up losing the game. If you need to know which game and league, it was Minnesota at Denver WWPF. I also had one in the Chicago @ Minnesota game same league. 2nd quarter no timeouts 2nd and 8 at Chicago 10 with 20 seconds left. I would think I could get 2 plays to the endzone with that amount of time. I kicked a FG which was good. I end up losing the game by 3. I know I probably have more, but will have to go through each game. I'm in 8 leagues lol.
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Re: End of Game/Half Decision Discussion

Postby GoodOlKevin » Thu Sep 14, 2023 8:43 pm

10 seconds left in the first half, I'm at their 15 yard line with no time outs left, we pass the ball for 14 yards and the clock runs out. That never would happen in real life, its a field goal everytime.
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Re: End of Game/Half Decision Discussion

Postby Raggs027 » Fri Sep 15, 2023 10:23 am

Hi Brooks,

Here are some examples from the Retro Football League (RFL):

Game Situation:
Clock and Quarter, Yard Line, Score, Play called (run/pass/fg/punt/etc.), Preferred Play Called (run/pass/fg/punt/etc.)

Image https://imgur.com/a/qVIyH2Q

1) Image https://imgur.com/aDyaXpoI don't understand why the last play was a spike, if they had enough time to run anything they should have attempted a real play to score, unless I'm reading something wrong about how the play by play works, maybe the 'Spike Ball' play takes too long? Additionally, shouldn't the injury on the defensive player should have stopped the clock automatically?
2) Image https://imgur.com/3rbo92n The noteworthy thing about this one is that I still had a timeout so I would have expected that the team tried to run one more play with nine seconds left before attempting the field goal
3) Image https://imgur.com/9JDS7pi This one isn't as much about the field position but more so that the final play of the game was a spike which ran out the time.
4) Image https://imgur.com/R6zrEuT Another instance of the half ending on a spiked ball as well as a team taking a timeout at the same time that a player gets injured (on the other team) which should have been a referee timeout anyway.
5) Image https://imgur.com/qPw5zlF Another instance of the half ending on a spiked ball

Coach Situation (This is going to be the same for all of the game situations listed):
Coach Style: Pass heavy Power Hybrid offense,
Coach Attitude: Aggressive,
Coach Focus: Pass

Strategy/Game Plan Situation (This is going to be the same for all of the game situations listed):
Attitude: Aggressive
Focus: Pass
Tempo: Very Fast
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