NCAA 2024 Court & couple others

NCAA 2024 Court & couple others

Postby NCAAhoops » Tue Apr 02, 2024 4:17 pm

I made the State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona holding the NCAA 2024 court today and thought I'd post it for use. It's named main2 so it will over write the generic one in the courts folder unless you rename it first.
Also I had a couple of request I'll link here as I don't plan any updates to the mod until after the tournament that will add these courts, will update coaches being fired and team and coaches ratings based on end of year stats after tournament.

NCAA 2024 Court

Central Connecticut

Le Moyne

West Georgia

All for now, enjoy.
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Re: NCAA 2024 Court & couple others

Postby ScottVib » Wed Apr 03, 2024 8:18 am

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Re: NCAA 2024 Court & couple others

Postby adamsncaabb20 » Thu Apr 18, 2024 8:39 am

Just wanted to say the courts you do are amazing and thanks for the hard work. Is there any way i could get the 2025 Final Four court? Or is it to early? Thanks again
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Re: NCAA 2024 Court & couple others

Postby basketballfan123 » Sat Apr 20, 2024 3:20 pm

Posted in the wrong forum for a court request so trying here, any way you could do Fairfield? Thanks so much!
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