Simple Question: How do I call a timeout

Simple Question: How do I call a timeout

Postby karabou » Mon Mar 06, 2023 12:49 am

New user, I searched and couldn't find anything. Would greatly appreciate an answer. Sometimes I see the Call Timeout [3] (or whatever) button appear, but I was making a drive before halftime and it didn't seem to appear?
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Re: Simple Question: How do I call a timeout

Postby PointGuard » Mon Mar 06, 2023 1:48 am

On the 2D screen, lower row of icons on the left side...the first icon is for a 60 second time out and the 2nd icon is for a 30 second time out. Both icons look like hour glasses.

If your opponent is in possession of the ball, the icons will be grayed out since you can't call a timeout then.
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