Welcome everyone to the first post of what we hope will be many here as we venture out into an exciting new idea to interact with our community in a new and exciting way. Introducing the Wolverine Studios Basketball Association (WSBA)!

The WSBA is going to be a league run with Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball 2021 (and beyond). We’re going to broadcast our simulations weekly on our Twitch channel – we hope that not only will all of our owners be in attendance for the simulations but that the league will generate interest beyond just the members and will be something you will want to tune into each week to interact with the league members and enjoy the action in the league. If you haven’t done so already be sure to follow us and subscribe to our Twitch channel!

This league is going to be unique for a number of reasons – not only will we be broadcasting the simulations on Twitch but we will also have a robust website here. Our homepage of www.draftdaysports.com will serve as the headquarters for the Wolverine Studios Sports Network (WSSN). Here will we be posting interesting blog stories from time to time hopefully getting the input on some of them from league members themselves. The league will also be run in a unique manner as a GM-only style league meaning that our owners will not be responsible for day to day decisions in the league such as injury management but will oversee only the roster building side of the game allowing us to push through simulations faster.

We also will be sharing things on social media as well – we’ve started up a brand new Twitter account just for the league – please give it a follow so that you can keep up on the latest news as join in the fun!

If you’re interested in joining we have an application on the site for you to fill out. There will be certain requirements to participate, one of them of course being ownership of the game, so if you are thinking you might like a slot please read over our league information page carefully and then fill out an application. More information on the teams and rosters will be coming in the near future.

We look forward to this new venture and opportunity to show off what a fantastic game Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball truly is. We hope that we will be seeing you at our Twitch streams for this exciting league!