Anticipation. Intrigue.

My feelings before meeting my Portland Pioneers roster for first time. Anticipation towards understanding the hand I had been dealt in my debut season in the WSBA. Many scenarios had been played out in my mind; an ageing team approaching a rebuild, the youthful hopefuls simmering with potential or a team of superstars carrying the weight of expectation.

Eventually, my intrigue was converted into enthused optimism. My attention was immediately drawn to Brendan CHAMBERS (PG). Everything implied that I had inherited a potential all star boasting an impressive offence with a strong playmaker presence to provide a compound sense of hope. The back court is complete but not with a natural shooting guard, instead another point guard, Ross BARRETT, with a dynamic skill set that forms a compelling backcourt that could setup a deep run in our debut season.

Luck would have it that the talent didn’t stop there but also could be seen within the center of the court in the shape of Danny BRUMM. BRUMM seems to represent the Pioneers biggest defensive presence and will naturally carry the greatest responsibility when it comes to contributing heavily at both posts. The three aforementioned represent the core of the franchise however, a great deal of curiosity surrounds the talent that will provide the flanks for the trio.

Duany PLATTS (PF) looks a solid player with apparent talent in the offensive game along with Morgan SMITH (SF) & Jarrod ANDERSON (PF) who can expect plenty of game time over the coming season. Tim REED (SG) represents a player who will provide depth to the backcourt whilst also striving to progress in his own development if he can find rhythm within limited minutes across the upcoming season.

Much anticipation exists over whether these squad players will be able to step up and be recognized as players who can excel to form the final pieces of a team that cannot help but carry expectations that exist beyond the regular season. The team formed by ready made components also carry notable cases of strong potential. Mike NIXON (C) & Clarence PANGRAZIO (SF) represent the franchise’s future however their potential may limit them as good players rather than great players which may see a heightened need for prudent business in years to come as the stars of the team edge closer to their twilight years.

It seems naive to downplay our chances after inheriting a squad that appears to present a formula similar to championship winning teams of past, however, it will quickly become clear that I’ll be a GM who will be keeping his feet firmly on the ground as the league starts to unfold and the competition is laid bare for all to see.

Tim Major
Portland Pioneers (GM)