By: Randy Marshall

At this point in time, The Denver Peaks of the WSBA have made two trades before a single game of basketball has taken place. Veteran SF Winston Luton will be in Los Angeles to start his season with the Commodores while the Peaks receive PG Darius Vinson and PF B.J. Jordan, but most importantly a 2021 1st Round Pick. While Luton was on a expiring contract worth around $22 million, he was still a capable scorer and a veteran presence for a team that is now lacking both. Peaks GM Terry Brooks was quite adamant in his desire to build Denver for a long term challenge, but many Peaks fans have begun to state their unhappiness with the team.

“Its crazy, it really is crazy that this team is shipping off talented players in exchange for picks to grab college kids who can barely dribble a ball correctly?!” A passionate fan responded via mail along with some profanity that we were forced to edit out.

“Brooks is looking as if he hasn’t stepped a day into a office with these moves. Luton for a later round 1st and two guys who won’t probably start a game in 2 years? I don’t see his tenure in Denver going well.” Another fan writes, but with less profanity and more a sense of worry of watching Denver play this season.

Some fans were a little less upset with Brooks and it seems they are in the wait and see mode for now. “I can get the hate now, but these fans have to understand that our team was pretty bad on paper before we played a game and Brooks looks to be in asset attainment mode. I’m not upset because I see this draft and I can already see the stars in Peaks uniforms.” A fan replies, but with more passion and hope in his eyes. Whatever the season turns out to be for the Peaks, Brooks has already caused quite a divide within the fanbase before a game is played.

We also have just received word that veteran Floor General, John Reese will be on the move to Washington in exchange for a 2021 1st Round pick and players to be named later.