November 1st
Philadelphia Freedom at Utah Blues
James Warren and the Freedom go on the road as they try to break their tie with Boston for the
division lead. The Blues look to challenge the Oklahoma City Thunder in for the Northwest
Division lead. Philadelphia Power Forward Mike Mitchell hopes to keep his points per game
above 20. The Freedom have averaged 114.5 points per game so far. The Blues have averaged
a slightly higher 117.3 points per game.

November 2nd
Portland Pioneers at Los Angeles Commodores
The Pioneers will travel down the I-5 to the L.A. Center to face the Commodores. The
Commodores expect to have C Josh Gray back for the game. The Pioneers are still healthy.
While they are one game above 500, the Pioneers are in a tight spot, one game back from the
Blues and two games back from the seemingly uncatchable Oklahoma City Twisters. The
Pioneers have had a rough good. The Pioneers have averaged 116 points per game, but given
up 117.3 points per game. If Gray is back in the lineup for this game, the Commodores expect
to put on a show.

November 3rd
Cleveland Knights at Washington Americans
The Washington Americans have been one of the top defensive teams as they have allowed
only 102.7 points per game. Clarence Hopper, the team’s star Power Forward, has averaged
26.2 points and 10.8 rebounds per game. While the Knights are not expected to win, this will be
a key game for Washington if they look to take the division from Miami.

November 4th
Houston Blast at Chicago Bison
At the time of writing neither the Blast nor the Bison have lost a game yet. That will end tonight.
Bison’s Ben Greer, who has averaged 27.4 points a game, looks to outgun the Blast. Chicago’s
team is very good defensively, allowing only 93 points per game, while scoring 109 points.
Houston offensive dominance is all over the court as all of their players who averaged over 18
minutes a game also have over 10 points per game. This should be a close match up.

November 5th
Indiana Racers at Orlando Mystics
Indiana and Orlando will face off in the race to the bottom. Indiana has underperformed their
players stats. Four of their five starters have scored more than 10 points a game, but they’ve
struggled to put it together defensively as they are currently 2-5 and no one on their team has
more than 1 block per game. The Mystics have struggled without star Point Guard Mike Puckett,
the team’s leading scoring by points per game. The Mystics have a stronger game on rebounds,
blocks, and steals that can pressure the Racers. This will be an interesting match up.

November 6th
Houston Blast at New Orleans Condors
Damian Turner and the New Orleans Condors seek to dethrone the Houston Blast in the
Southwest division. The Condors are currently at 4-3, after a few early season losses to the
Blast and the Oklahoma City Twisters on the road. The Condors hope to turn their fortunes
around at home The Blast are expected to maintain their dominance long term, but this game
has the opportunity for an upset by the underdog Condors.

November 7th
Atlanta Eagles at Denver Peaks
The Peaks’ Front Office tanking attempts have been thwarted as the team is 2-5 going into a
match up against the 3-3 Atlanta Eagles. The Peaks have a chance to lose here, but the Eagles
have applied their own brand of mediocrity, as they’ve allowed 110.2 points per game, while
scoring 109.8 points per game. This will be a fun match up as a win here may force the Peaks
to reconsider their position in the West.