In a Saturday afternoon press conference, the Brooklyn Hoops GM announced they had
traded backup Center Aaron Carey to the Charlotte Wasps for Center Wahhab Pearson. The
deal included a pick and another backup from Brooklyn

Brooklyn Receives:
● C Wahhab Pearson
Charlotte Receives:
● C Aaron Carey
● SG Andre Scott
● 2021 2nd Draft Pick

In my most unprofessional opinion, while not being a blockbuster, the Charlotte Wasps
are clearly receiving the better package. While the two teams swap aging centers, the Hoops
take on an additional year on the already declining Wahhab Pearson at around 5 million. The
Wasps (last place in the East) confusingly make an immediate improvement over Wahhab
Pearson by getting C Aaron Carey and saving themselves from Pearson’s 5 million contract
next season.

Carey and Pearson are about equal in points per game, assists, rebounds, blocks,
and steals with Carey taking the lead in all categories. While it is important to note, Wahhab
Pearson has been starting on a team that has not been good around him. Pearson also plays
more minutes than Carey. It’s hard to know if Carey’s success will continue as a starter in
Charlotte, but it is unlikely that is their motive here. This feels more about adding a draft pick
and picking up salary room next season. Brooklyn is taking a risky proposition by replacing their
backup with a worse performing starter.

Brooklyn is 4th in a tightly contested Atlantic Division.
As these two switch roles only time will tell who succeeds, but assuming they both play the
same; Charlotte receives the better player, frees up salary space, and picks up a draft pick. The
real winners here are the Denver Peaks, who are currently leading the hunt for number 1 overall
pick and with Charlotte making an improvement, are fortifying that position.

● Charlotte Wasps
● Denver Peaks

● Brooklyn Hoops