About the WSBA

The Wolverine Studios Basketball Association (WSBA) is a fictional online basketball league run using the latest version of Wolverine Studios' Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball. The game can be purchased at Wolverine Studios. The league, it's players and teams are completely fictional.

Requirements for team ownership

Participants in the league are chosen on a per-invitation basis from Wolverine Studios. This league is a Featured League for Wolverine Studios meaning that all participants must own a copy of the most recent version of the game and upgrade as the league continues to do so. Owners will receive a special discount for future upgrades because of the Featured League designation for the league. There is no per season fee for participation in the league and no prizes are awarded. Owners will be selected on a myriad of factors. Owners may be removed from the league at any time at the discretion of Wolverine Studios for inactivity, behavior detremential to the league, the game or the company or for any other reason Wolverine Studios may deem necessary.

Owner creation rules

When an owner joins the league he/she will be asked to provide the following information for their league character. Picture #, Clothing Style #, First Name, Last Name, Age, Country, Password, any changes to philosophy sliders and then assign themselves points for current and potential ratings for the five rating categories. Current ratings may not exceed 275 total points. Potential ratings may not exceed 365 total points. No rating current or potential may be below 30 or above 90.

Participation & League Format

This league will be formatted as a GM-only league. In doing so this allows us to simulate larger chunks of time without the need for owner intervention and will allow seasons to be simulated faster. Because owners are not going to be required to submit files during the season itself owners are asked to show their participation in other ways. We hope that all owners will at the very least follow us on our Twitch channel at https://www.twitch.tv/wolverinestudios and attend as many live streams as possible in order to interact with each other as well as people coming to view the streams. We ask all owners and interested parties to subscribe to the channel as well if possible (Amazon Prime members can subscribe for free - click here to learn how). Owners are also expected to participate in external items such as posting items to Twitter (and tagging @WSBAHQ when doing so), writing blog stories for the league or even hosting a podcast for the league. The content generation side of things is just as important as the actual participation in the league itself.

All owners will be given an invitation to a private channel on our company Slack channel to conduct league business so every member of the league must be joined on that channel. Owners should use the private messaging functions there to discuss trades and use the channel itself for any in-season moves such as claiming free agents. All trades must be sent in private to the commissioner for approval. Offseason tasks such as free agency and coach hiring will be done by submitting game files. Time frames for all league items will be set by the commissioner as the league readys for a particular stage.

The league will consist of the default fictional team names included in Draft Day Sports: Pro Basketball. Teams cannot be relocated and changes to team logos are not permitted without league approval. Any graphical changes that are approved will become ownership of Wolverine Studios and used in the game itself in the future. Initially teams will not be penalized for exceeding any in-game salary caps nor will the league owners be able to lose their team based on poor in-game performances. All rules are subject to change and may do so in the future to provide a more entertaining experience for the owners as well as league followers.

Overall Goal & Purpose

The overall goal of the league is to provide an entertaining showcase of the game for the community to enjoy as well as to be a fun diversion from real life for its owners. The league asks that everything be kept in good spirits, that all owners act in a respectful manner at all times and remember that they are participating in a Featured League in which their participation will be viewed by many people interested in the company and its games. As stated earlier, owners can be removed at any time for any reason (other than lack of success in the league itself) so please conduct yourselves appropriately. Any attempts at cheating, collusion, lopsided trades etc will be met with removal from the league as well.